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Direct alternative current is controlled and supplemented by the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) network, an external power supply. Originally, it was used for computer systems, but it found its use in various areas such as factories, cordless phones, engines, etc. when its valuable benefits were observed It can be used as an inverter for getting long power back up. Depending on demand and supply you can choose the size and functions of the UPS. Critical load shedding and unpredictable power supply disruption can be managed using UPS of good quality.

Home Solutions

Powerful backup for home networks, Theater and gaming.

Keep the data and devices in your family connected, even during a power outage, with our UPS battery backup from APC. Get on-the-go access for security cameras, alarms, light timers, and window shades, and more to your connected home. Secure your gaming and home theater systems with complete equipment security which helps eliminate lags and data.

Business Solutions

UPS power and data security that gets the job done

Companies around the world and in all industries depend on UPS solutions to keep their data centers up and running. When optimum availability and guaranteed uptime are non-negotiable, our continuous power supply solutions, data security, and surge protector options work hard for you. Choose built-in battery backup and data security to ensure critical business equipment and applications. Contact GIBS he Best UPS Solutions provider in South Delhi & Gurugram.

GIBS CPU Solutions


UPS can keep your system running and you get good time to store or save your data.


Whenever there is a power spike or a blackout, UPS stands as the reliable alternate power source.


When there is a power surge, UPS detects the bad power supply and stops direct power supply.