Any Digital transformation requires processing a large volume of data faster for new business endeavors and applications. It means an infusion of infrastructures like traditional and Hybrid Cloud workloads keeping in mind the cost, flexibility, and ease of operations. Our Blade Server Solutions lets you transform the legacy framework and scale business performance while cutting down costs. With the Blade Server Solutions, your business experience gets elevated but not your operational cost.

Our blade servers are a modular server that allows multiple servers to be housed in a confined area. These servers are substantially thin and characteristically only have CPUs, memory, integrated network controllers, and sometimes storage drives built-in. Any video cards or other components that are needed are facilitated by the server chassis. Which is where the blades slide into. Our Blade servers are often seen in large data centers. Due to their capability to fit so many servers into one single rack and provide a high processing power that is needed today.

gibs blade server

GIBS is the Top Blade Server provider in South Delhi & Gurugram and our services are generally used when there is a high computing requirement with some type of Enterprise Storage System: Network Attached Storage (NAS) or a Storage Area Network (SAN). The best part of these Blade Servers is that it provides speedy serviceability by allowing components to be swapped out without taking the machine offline. You will be able to scale to a much higher processor density using the Blade architecture.


The Benefits of a Blade Server

Power Consumption

In many cases the framework for the Blade Server will supply the power to multiple servers, reducing the total consumption of electricity.

Hot Swappable

Blade servers can be configured to be hot swappable so if one blade encounters an issue, it can be pulled and replaced much more easily. This helps to facilitate redundancy.

Less Needs For Cable

Blade servers often run on a single fibre cable, thus reducing the total cable requirements.

Product Development

Our experience design arm, method, helps businesses connect the dots between their products.

Power Processing

Blade Servers provide an extremely high processing power while taking up minimal space

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