Local area networks (LANs) play an important role in ensuring the stability and performance of all applications within the organization, as do data center operations. Managing a large number of LAN ports however is costly and time-consuming. When networks continue to grow in sophistication, businesses that consider outsourcing these operations to a network provider that can provide end-to-end LAN management with a contractual level of service.

GIBS a Trusted LAN solutions provider in South Delhi & Gurugram is responsible for all activities related to the active LAN modules as part of its Managed LAN Services service–such as initial LAN ports and WLAN access points setup, hardware and software management, system maintenance, and deployment. This end-to-end service also involves proactive tracking, SLA compliance reports, and technical metrics, alerts, the provision of on-site support worldwide during ongoing operations. T-Systems leverages state-of-the-art LAN security tools from leading hardware partners.


Our Managed LAN solutions include:

  • Active LAN supervision out of GIBS Network Operation Centers, as well as fault localization and resolution
  • LAN set-up with hardware, system software, and licenses
  • WEnd-to-end offering, comprising planning, obtaining, and provisioning of hardware – including configuration, services, and management of the entire active LAN infrastructure
  • Client portal for organizations with 500+ ports: customer self-administration (CSA) change tool for administration, online ticketing, inventory management, SLA reports, and more
  • For users with 500+ ports: Our security systems could defend the LAN against access by unlicensed individuals in-house
  • For users with 3,000+ ports: additional managed services available on request, e.g. Domain Name Services (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Quality-of-service while handling in LAN operations
  • LAN maintenance: fully trained technicians and service engineers ensure systems remain up and running – and can perform on-site repairs.