Network-attached storage (NAS), long valued as a versatile, efficient and economical data storage solution, has evolved in directions that make it even more appealing to today’s IT administrators. The emergence of software-defined NAS and the development of unified NAS / SAN systems are two of the biggest trends in NAS storage. GIBS, the customs system builder of choice for advanced companies and research organizations, is the perfect partner to help you capitalize on these developments in technology.

NAS Storage Software

NAS storage in the past was typically developed and delivered as appliances but today you have the option of acquiring NAS software and installing it on the hardware of your choice. The benefits of software-defined NAS systems include:

  • With NAS storage software rather than an appliance, you have more choice and control over the hardware platform that you use – enabling you to select and configure exactly the right platform for your particular environment and needs.
  • Lowered TCO. Software-defined NAS servers often cost less in total than appliances, and there are even some well-regarded open-source NAS storage solutions available, such as Free NAS.
  • Faster refreshes. Because upgrading software is faster and easier than upgrading appliances, software-defined solutions can help you stay up to date with the latest and greatest NAS features.

If you’re considering using a software-defined NAS storage solution, GIBS can help by providing you the best and most highly configurable selection of storage hardware platforms in the industry. We also have the expertise to help you choose and configure exactly the right hardware platform for your particular environment and projected NAS workloads, and we’ll provide you with exceptional service and warranty terms. Contact GIBS a Trusted Network Attached Storage provider in South Delhi & Gurugram today.