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GIBS is a Premium Server Management Company. Equipped with state-of-art infrastructure and technical support team, we render world-class Server Management Services and technical support for any platform with any opted OS-based like Linux and Windows Servers.

While focusing on making immaculate IT solutions for our customers, most of the IT companies sometimes don’t pay attention to managing their own Cloud Server and then they face dire consequences in the form of disaster when the server is maltreated by anyway. They ought to be reliable, secure, 24×7 accessible, and fast. Hence, it is all the time recommended for IT companies to hire a Remote Server Management Company in order to secure and manage their work on the server. Here we can help you!


GIBS is the Top Server Management Services provider in South Delhi & Gurugram that can help the enterprise to scale, respond quickly, meet obligations consistently, utilize assets effectively, and provide visibility across operations. GIBS offers a wide variety of Managed Server Services that offer clients guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and robust support from GIBS Cloud Service experts. Our 24/7 proactive monitoring helps experts to instantly detect any deviation from the norm. Our Server Management services cover installations, upgrades, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring, OS updates, and many more.


The Benefits of Server Management Services

Power Consumption

In many cases the framework for the Blade Server will supply the power to multiple servers, reducing the total consumption of electricity.

Hot Swappable

Blade servers can be configured to be hot swappable so if one blade encounters an issue, it can be pulled and replaced much more easily. This helps to facilitate redundancy.

Less Needs For Cable

Blade servers often run on a single fibre cable, thus reducing the total cable requirements.

Product Development

Our experience design arm, method, helps businesses connect the dots between their products.

Power Processing

Blade Servers provide an extremely high processing power while taking up minimal space

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