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For any sized company today, the quickly growing application of today’s technology creates unique and precarious business challenges. Information Technology (IT) infrastructure management – not to be confused with the broad responsibilities of IT management – is the management of essential operative elements to effectively, efficiently, and proactively utilize technology, information, and data. These essentials include the computers, servers, networking, data, storage, physical and virtual facilities as well as software, processes, policies, staffing, training, security, mobile and virtual functionality, and cloud-based services that make up the IT infrastructure. Overall, IT infrastructure management is closely aligned with overall corporate operations, strategies, and goals. Consult GIBS the top IT companies in South Delhi & Gurugram for your IT infrastructure requirements.

Any enterprise IT infrastructure management team is typically responsible for the following essential IT elements and services:

  • Asset lifecycle
  • Capacity monitoring/planning
  • Storage
  • Network utilization
  • Availability
  • Energy consumption
  • Environmental issues
  • Facilities (including data centre infrastructure management)
  • Physical and virtual assets
  • Wireless and wired network operations
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Security (malware/virus protection)
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Maintenance/service updates

At Global IT Business Solutions, we can provide you with a seamless Infrastructure Management services.

The Benefits of a Blade Server
Power Consumption
In many cases the framework for the Blade Server will supply the power to multiple servers, reducing the total consumption of electricity.
Hot Swappable
Blade servers can be configured to be hot swappable so if one blade encounters an issue, it can be pulled and replaced much more easily. This helps to facilitate redundancy.
Less Need for Cables
Blade servers often run on a single fibre cable, thus reducing the total cable requirements.
Product Development
Our experience design arm, method, helps businesses connect the dots between their products.
Processing Power
Blade Servers provide an extremely high processing power while taking up minimal space
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