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GIBS offers technologies and services for cybersecurity that motivate and secure the most security-conscious companies in the world. Our technology and cybersecurity history spans three decades.


  • They carry out evaluations and protect the world’s most targeted networks
  • GIBS experts have completed hundreds of risk assessments
  • GIBS is the largest business risk assessment firm


Today, for the entire cybersecurity lifecycle, we secure companies with validated technologies and services. Our services provide unbiased guidance for IT risk management and continuous compliance with your information security standards and enterprise solutions.


The cybersecurity experts will work with you to:

  • Assess and secure services that include network engineering and management, vulnerability detection, penetration testing, and compliance with regulations
  • Support the implementation and application of the NIST Risk Management Framework and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • Ensure compliance with the leading federal, defense and industrial safety standards.
  • Automate and enforce IT security risk management and compliance processes
  • Monitor and manage information security risks on an ongoing basis
  • Streamline asset mapping, vulnerabilities, and controls to enable ongoing compliance

GIBS is the Top Cyber Security Solutions provider in South Delhi & Gurugram that gives you constant confidence in your posture of cybersecurity. And, when attaining your goals, you can manage risk. Protect your most important assets of information. So tell your customers that business with you is free.

The Benefits of a Blade Server
Power Consumption
In many cases the framework for the Blade Server will supply the power to multiple servers, reducing the total consumption of electricity.
Hot Swappable
Blade servers can be configured to be hot swappable so if one blade encounters an issue, it can be pulled and replaced much more easily. This helps to facilitate redundancy.
Less Need for Cables
Blade servers often run on a single fibre cable, thus reducing the total cable requirements.
Product Development
Our experience design arm, method, helps businesses connect the dots between their products.
Processing Power
Blade Servers provide an extremely high processing power while taking up minimal space
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For any Blade Server requirements, you can contact our experts and plan your infrastructure according to your needs.


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